Sunday, October 10, 2010

Speakers and a photography panel

David Griffin, executive editor for E-publishing at National Geographic, Michelle McNally, assisting managing editor at the New York Times, Santiago Lyons, director of photography at the Associated Press and MaryAnne Golon, photography editor and freelance media consultant are conducted a panel in the barn tonight about the influence of the digital age in the medium of our passion; photography.

Having such ‘heavies’, as we call them, in a room for the sole purpose of helping 100 students further their passions along with their skill level is what this workshop is all about.

Golan asked the panel what the students really need in order to make it in this industry, and McNally answered first.

“Foremost, photography, but just being a journalist and getting to the essence of the story. You have to be a journalist first and foremost. You have to be a storyteller.”

The students sit listening intently to the panelists as they hash out the topics like the appropriate use of video and multimedia, photography ethics and the introduction of the iPad, immersed in the topics that are at the forefront of the industry.

Up next, presentations by magazine portrait photographer Henry Leutwyler and award winning contemporary environmental portrait photographer Jeff Riedel...

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