Sunday, October 10, 2010

The road to transformation

Like many young photographers I often look to the veterans of our craft, seeking advice, candid feedback, and new inspiration.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of exploring an incredible collection of images that truly spoke to me as a photojournalist.

As I scrolled through the beautifully engaging imagery, I knew immediately that this photographer was someone whom I could only hope to be lucky enough to learn from one day.

That photographer was Ami Vitale.

A few weeks ago, as I geared up for my second year on Black Team, I decided to take a peek at the ever-impressive list mentors and presenters on tap for the 23rd Annual Eddie Adams Barnstorm.

As I scanned through the extensive list of photography legends from all eras, I stared in disbelief at my computer screen.

Ami Vitale was on that list.

Upon arriving to the Farm, I was assigned to the transportation team.

Typically, working as a driver for the workshop entails picking up VIP’s in Manhattan and driving them to Jeffersonville, NY, for the workshop.

This year, however, was a little different.

I didn’t have any runs to the city scheduled on the 2nd day of the workshop, which freed me up for an incredible opportunity I could only have dreamed of.

Vitale’s team of students was short on vehicles and needed help in order to get to the different locations for their photo shoots… and I was the gal for the job!

I then spent the rest of the day, rolling through the picturesque, country hills of upstate New York in my white, rented mini-van with Vitale riding shotgun.

It was truly a surreal experience and an invaluable opportunity to build a relationship with an award-winning photographer who I had admired for years.

This unforgettable day in my young photography career is just one example of the spirit of this incredible workshop and doors it can open for eager, young shooters.

People who have never experienced magic of the Eddie Adams Workshop may think that the students are the only people affected by the workshop each year.

I can confidently say, from first-hand experience, that for the past two years that I have had the privilege to work at this amazing workshop, my path as a photojournalist has been forever transformed.

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