Sunday, October 10, 2010

The photos keep coming in....

The workshop is in full swing with inspiring presentations being given in the main hall and images beginning to fill the screens downstairs. Saturday brought the first opportunity for the students to go out and shoot. Fanning out through Sullivan County and the surrounding area, students spent the majority of Saturday afternoon photographing a wide variety of subjects and scenes that challenged their abilities and comfort levels.
Upon returning to the farm, a flurry of activity started downstairs as CF and SD cards were ingested so that the first edit could take place. As each team's digital technician ingested the images, editors began to sort through the thousands of photos to provide feedback so that the students could go out first thing on Sunday morning. When the final tally came in at the end of the night, the students had shot over 670 GB photos on the first day, not including the 100's of gigabytes of audio, video and photos that the multimedia team was processing upstairs. The workshop has come a long way from EAW 1 when the students were handed about 20 rolls of film, and there was a finite number of frames that a student could shoot.

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